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5 Benefits of Matcha Tea

What do Super-Moms Zen, Buddhist Monks and Samurais have in common? Their impeccable taste in fashion (nah...)
The answer: their favorite drink, matcha green tea.

Although we could give you a million, here are the five MOST important reasons why you MUST make room for Matcha in your life!

🌟 #1- What to do-list? Completed it!

Teangle Matcha Energy
5 benefits of matcha tea

More energy to do the things you love, more productive in getting done the things you don't and less 3pm slumps! Can you imagine that? BLISS!

Thanks to a unique combination of caffeine and L-theanine you'll be saying hello to 4-6 hours of natural long-lasting energy! All without the nasty side effects of coffee.

🌟 #2- Get Glowing!

Glowing Skin Teangle Matcha

Ready to get glowing and give your skin that extra bounce? Right this way!

Younger looking skin starts with the nutrients that you put INTO your body.

With 137X more antioxidants than regular green tea, Matcha takes the throne as the queen of antioxidants.

It's loaded with catechins that help slow down aging by preventing cell damage and improving skin elasticity.

🌟 #3 - Happy brain, Happy life!

Teangle Matcha Happy,Healthy Brain

Feed your brain the good stuff! (that is, it’s favorite superfood…MATCHA)

The L-theanine and caffeine found in Matcha puts your mind in its best possible state: Stimulated, but not jittery, productive, but not anxious. #ZenLikeaMonk

L-theanine (yup him again!) also helps enhance your overall mood, memory, learning and attention. Matcha...it's kind of a no-brainer *wink!

🌟 #4- Healthy weight, management

Teangle Matcha Healthy Weight Management

Matcha kicks butt on the weight loss front!

It contains EGCG, one of the most powerful catechins known to boost metabolism and stop the growth of fat cells (Bye-Bye Bat Wings!)

Bloating? It happens to EVERYONE, luckily the powerful antioxidants found in Matcha are a super easy remedy to beat the bloat!

Mid-day Cravings? Matcha reduces your appetite and helps keep those munchies at bay.

Boost Your Workouts! When it comes to working out, this near zero calorie drink is a triple threat: Energizing, Detoxifying and guaranteed to kick your Endurance up a notch.

🌟 #5 - Healthy Made Easy

Teangle Matcha Healthy Made Easy

Zing Zing! A healthier, funner life, that's closer to your dreams is calling.

Teangle is by far one of the easiest healthy habits that you can add to your day-to-day that will make a BIG difference.
More energy, more productivity, less stress and less 3pm slumps!

Just spoon, shake and sip and you're ready to go, go go !

Here’s how easy it is to prepare :


Yes, most Matcha out there tastes like grass. But don't worry!

At Teangle, life and fun go hand in hand. We live by the motto ‘Do Your Health a Flavor’ and believe that no one should sacrifice taste & pleasure when it comes to their health.

That’s why we’ve created Teangle!

D-E-L-I-C-I-O-US Matcha jam-packed with nutrients waiting to strengthen everything from your energy to the strands of your hair.

Our organic Japanese Matcha is powered up with some of the world’s healthiest superfoods to give you the benefits you truly deserve with a taste you’ll actually enjoy!

“Finally delicious (and healthy!) way to drink Matcha”

Sip your way through the best that the Matcha world has to offer with the likes of Teangle Ginger & Lemongrass Matcha, with a hint of zest - this Matcha is sweet and refreshing, with just the right amount of kick ; Teangle Chai Matcha, zingy ginger, spicy cinnamon and warm nutmeg bring our Chai Matcha and YOU to another level! Can you smell the spices yet?; Teangle Peppermint Matcha, It’s like taking a sip of the fresh alps : invigorating, cool & oh so refreshing. It’s minty fresh at it’s very best!

$26 Chai Matcha


$26 Ginger & Lemongrass Matcha


$26 Peppermint Matcha


"A discovery he had to share!”

Five years ago, Philippe was at the lowest point in his life.
Morning after morning he’d wake up feeling like an elephant was sitting on his chest. Crushed by the weight of the world. He was stuck, paralyzed, afraid of taking risks, unhealthy and totally unhappy.

On his quest for self-help, Philippe stumbled on an article about the happiness that Buddhist monks cultivated...and uncovered their best kept secret (their little green ritual...Matcha!)

Zen like a monk he thought, sign me up!

It wasn’t long before Philippe fell in love with the benefits of Matcha. For the first time in a long time, he felt like he was taking back control of his life. There was a new found spring in his step. His mood, concentration, and energy levels skyrocketed!

He wanted to share his newfound green ritual with the world. Unfortunately, none of his friends or family could get over its bitter-y grassy taste and envision themselves drinking Matcha (& actually enjoying it) on a daily basis.

Philippe thought to himself ; “If Matcha is to become people’s drink of choice, there can be no compromise on taste - it has to be delicious”

From that moment on, Philippe decided to embark on the scariest and most exciting journey of his life...creating Teangle! Because #MatchaWaiting right?!

Today, Teangle has suceeded in creating a Matcha 2.0 : fun, healthy, easy to prepare and oh-so yummy! We offer 3 delicious Organic Japanese Matcha blends from our family farm in Uji, Japan jam-packed with premium natural ingredients.

With our friends in Japan!
More and more people are adding this magical green powder into their routine. What started out as a dream has now become a reality : Teangle is the most raved about Matcha by Canadians.

Join the Teangle Fam! 80,000 + people adding flavor & fun to their lives!

Green runs through our veins but our passion goes far beyond Matcha.

At Teangle, we're A FAMILY of like minded individuals with a thirst for life who are all about using their energy to spread the feeling of joie de vivre in all those around them.

After all, new habits and lifestyle changes are so much easier to implement when you’re surrounded by positivity.

Today, we've helped thousands of people experience the benefits of Matcha: increased energy, more confidence, less stress, and a better life.

All of this, one cup of Teangle at a time.

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