Matcha Kombucha & Gin Cocktail

Love Matcha for its energy? Wait until you take a sip (OK..a glass..or two *wink!) of this Matcha Kombucha & Gin Cocktail. You’ll be the life of the party… or your “living room” *wink!

Talk about a perfectly fizzy and refreshing drink!

Ring-a-ling-dong-ding. It’s happy hour!!!

Matcha Kombucha Gin Cocktail

Matcha Kombucha Gin Cocktail


  • Like taking a sip of the tropics

  • Refreshing & energizing!

  • Low sugar

    Matcha Kombucha Gin Cocktail



    • 4 pineapple cubes
    • A pinch of salt
    • ¼ tsp of Teangle Cooking Matcha
    • 1,5 oz of local gin with or without alcohol*
    • 1,5 oz of local tonic water*
    • 3 oz of pineapple and kiwi kombucha*
    • Ice cubes


        • In a shaker or in the Teangle bottle, add the pineapple, salt and matcha. With a cocktail muddler, press the pineapple to extract its juice.
        • Strain the mixture to keep the juice only and pour in an old fashioned glass.
        • Fill the glass with ice cubes.
        • Add the gin, tonic and kombucha.
        • Mix with a cocktail spoon to cool the cocktail.
        • Top with a fresh or dried pineapple slice and a small straw.

      *If you don’t have a shaker, you can use the Teangle bottle. It’s perfect to strain the pineapple mixture.

      *1 oz = 2 tbsp

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