Matcha latte


Nothing better than starting the day with a good matcha latte, but first,

what is Matcha ?

Matcha is green tea finely ground into a powder-like consistency. No need to make an infusion, you indulge the tea as it is since it mixes perfectly with all your recipes or drinks. It allows you to give your body all the right antioxidants. Matcha is a Japanese tradition, ours is cultivated ethically by a family from Japan. Like coffee, Matcha contains caffeine.
Matcha contains as much caffeine as a regular cup of coffee. The difference? The energy that Matcha gives you will stay longer in your body than that of coffee. Theanine contained in Matcha will reduce mental and physical stress and will help you relax.
Matcha Late - Teangle

Replacing your coffee with a healthy latte just as energizing is an exciting idea, right?

To make a good latte you will need:

1 Matcha  Spoon
A small bowl or mug and a whisk
250 ml of the milk of your choice
125 ml of hot water (175 ° F / 75 ° C)

Why use a whisk?
The matcha whisk has been part of the Japanese tradition for centuries! It will allow you to create a seamless texture and eliminate all the lumps that the powder will create.

Teangle Matcha





  • Naturally vegan & gluten-free

  • Refined sugar-free

  • Energizing 


    1-Add the spoon of Matcha with 125ml of hot water.
    2-Mix by making a W shape with the bamboo whisk in the bowl.
    3-When the Matcha has foamed, add the milk of your choice