Matcha Collagen

Gluten Free Keto 100% Natural


Powered with 3 super ingredients to give you long-lasting energy, boost your immune system & give your skin that extra bounce! Ready to get glowing?

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Frequently Asked Questions

You got questions. We got answers.

This creamy blend combines the power of 3 super ingredients to make you glow from the Inside Out! 

  • Clean long-lasting of energy: 4-6 hours of energy. No crash. No jitters.
  • Boosts immune system: Strengthens your immunity, fights disease and infection.
  • Glowing skin, hair & nail support: Improves the youthful appearance of skin and helps hair shine & nails stay strong. 

Each scoop has:

2.5g of Ultra-Pure Marine Collagen, 1g of Organic Ceremonial Matcha, Organic Coconut Milk Powder and Organic Acacia Gum
 Nutrition Facts

Each mouthful is deliciously creamy and rich. 

You’ll enjoy the smooth & naturally delicious taste of Matcha with every sip.

It’s sugar-free, so you can sweeten to your own taste with a little honey or a dash of maple syrup. 

*Psst! It does NOT taste like coconut. 

Whenever you want to get your glow on!

Just remember, don’t drink it at night if you're planning on sleeping - Teangle Matcha Collagen will give you 4-6 hours of clean long-lasting energy! 

Add 1-2 scoops in roughly 250 ml of hot water and stir - voila, that’s it!

Hot tip: Use a blender or whisk to whiz up your Matcha Collagen for maximum frothy goodness. You can sweeten to your own taste with a little honey, dash of maple syrup or your favorite plant-based milk. 
How to prepare?

Teangle Collagen Matcha contains 25-35mg of caffeine per serving (3-4 times less than a cup of coffee). 

You want to drink both, we can’t blame you! You’ve got the green light, just make sure you don’t go over 400 milligrams (mg) of caffeine a day! 

Here are the standard delivery times :

Canada = 4 to 10 business days.

The United States = 5-10 business days.

For those that simply can’t wait to receive their order, we also offer express shipping